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Diaconal help and support

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12.08.2022, 07:21
You are not alone – we are here to support you
Sana hope kirjaimista rakennettuna

When you are going through hardships in life and need support from others, The Church's diakonia is there to help you.

You may contact your local parish’s pastor or diaconal worker for counselling if you

  • face problems in significant relationships
  • wish spiritual or emotional support
  • are burdened by sickness or grief, or
  • for example, have lost your job or suffer from loneliness.

We offer individual support according to your life situations and look with you for ways forward.

You do not need to be a member of the Church to receive help. We respect your religious or non-religious convictions based on the principle of freedom of religion and belief. All consultations are strictly confidential and free of charge. Under certain conditions, you may be entitled to temporary material or financial aid.

Support for youth

The staff of Snellu, the Church’s youth work center, support young people under 29 years in their various life situations. Snellu’s Saapas teams do community work amongst young people. Saapas is on duty on the streets during weekends and annual festivities.

Special diakonia at the Hermanni Diakonia House works among homeless, prisoners, and people with substance abuse issues. Also migrants and refugees get help and support there.

The Church’s diakonia offers support for the visually and audially disabled. Diaconal work with the blind arranges special activities such as groups and camps for the blind with the help of the Church’s volunteer guides. For those with intellectual developmental disorder there are special confirmation schools and other activities available.

You may join also peer support groups for people with mental health issues. In the groups, you can share your experiences with others who have had similar situations in life. There are also recreation camps and peer support groups for the carers who nurse their family member at home.