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Do you want to get to know Finnish people and culture?

15.09.2023, 15:54 /  päivitetty 26.09.2023, 14:55
Nuori mies ja nainen tervehtivät ulko-ovella iäkästä miestä

Do you want to get to know Finnish people and culture? If you said yes, Friendship Program would be perfect for you! We are looking for international students and Finnish, singles or families, to join the Friends Program. The aim is to bring people together, because friendship is precious. Life is better with friends!

With a Finnish friend, you will have an access to Finnish lifestyle, culture and get inside into Finland and Finnish mindset. You and your Finnish friend will decide, what kind of activities you will have together. We recommend simple, everyday activities such as having coffee together, going to nature, playing games.

The Program starts in the fall of 2023. We will organize matches via this questionnaire based on your interests and hopes. The Program provides group meetings with all (Finnish and international) friends and the leaders. You and your friend/friends can, of course, meet as often as you want. This questionnaire is not meant to be for looking for a romantical date. This Program is meant for finding new friends.

The Program is organized by university chaplains Maikki, Marjut Mulari (Haaga-Helia UAS) and Matleena Ikola (Metropolia UAS).

Timetable and enrollment

1. To enroll fill up the questionnaire by Sunday 15th of October.

2. Any questions? Send us email: friends.helsinki@evl.fi.

3. The Program-team makes matches and informs everyone. You will get an email by 20th of October via email.

4. Program dates: Write them down to your calendar already!

Wednesday 25th October from 5 pm to 7pm

The Kick-off-party at Metropolia Myllypuro campus. Let's get to know each other!

Friday 3rd of November from 5pm to 7pm

Trip to Contemporary Art Museum Kiasma (free of charge) and after party for those who want join in a nearby pub.

Saturday 25th of November from 1pm to 3pm

Trip to "Winter Garden" in Helsinki (free of charge). Bring some snacks; let's have a picnic together.

Wednesday 13th of December from 5pm to 7pm

Friends program Christmas party with Secret Santa at Metropolia Myllypuro campus.

More information: Welcome to Friends Program! (helsinginseurakunnat.fi)

You are warmly welcome to join the Friends Program!

Best wishes,

Maikki and Matleena

University chaplains

Photo: Elina Manninen