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Do you want to find Finnish friends

23.07.2019, 15:45 /  päivitetty 10.09.2019, 11:01
Do you want to get to know Finnish people and culture? If you said yes, Friendship Program would be perfect for you!

Foreign students and Finnish, singles or families, are welcome to join the Friends Program. The aim is to bring people together, because friendship is precious.

"Life is better with friends! With a friend, life is lighter and more fun! With a Finnish friend, you will have an access to Finnish lifestyle, culture and get inside into Finland and Finnish mindset. You and your Finnish friend decide, what kind of activities you will have together", says university chaplain Tiina Kaaresvirta and Kaisa Iso-Herttua. They prefer normal, everyday activities such as having coffee together, going to nature.

The Program starts in the autumn of 2019. We will organize matches via this questionnaire based on your interests and hopes. The Programme provides you a couple of meetings with Finnish friends and the leaders, the rest is up to you and your friend. This questionnaire is not meant to be for looking for a romantical date. This Programme is meant for finding new friends.

How to join the program?

1. Fill up the questionnaire by 30 September.

2. Student's Question hour 26 Septemper at 5-6 p.m. at Haaga-Helia, Pasila campus.

3. The Friendship-team makes matches and informs you. We are trying our best to make a match for everyone but we can not guarantee that. It depends how many participants we get. We will contact you anyway.

4. The Kick-off-party will be held on 3 October at Haaga-Helia, Pasila campus.

Write it down to your calendar already!

We wish you a pleasant Friends Program!

We keep your information safe and only the organizers Kaisa Iso-Herttua and Tiina Kaaresvirta may read the answers. We destroy all the materials after the Friends Program has ended.

The organizers of this Program are the university chaplains Kaisa Iso-Herttua and Tiina Kaaresvirta at Parish Union of Helsinki. If you have something in your mind, don`t hesitate to ask: kaisa.iso-herttua@evl.fi, tiina.kaaresvirta@evl.fi.