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Koko Helsinki

Promenadikonsertti/Promenade Concert

Töölön seurakunta

31.07.2018 klo 10:00 - 12:00 Temppeliaukion kirkko, Lutherinkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki

Gospel-artistit Vicky Manyika ja Jhikoman esiintyvät./ Gospel-artists Vicky Manyika and Jhikoman perform their music.

Evangelism through word sound, melody and rhythm!

Vicky Manyika
Contemporary Gospel singer! Evangelism through word sound, melody and rhythm! Surely you will experience the presence and Power of God!! Vicky calling starts at a young age born to a family whereby father is a Pastor of a living church and a mother who is devoted to the service of the Kingdom of God! The world have to give Vicky a chance to uplift humanity for the Glory of God!

Jhikoman, Tanzanian singer/composer is one of the best known reggae artists in Tanzania. He has toured internationally since 2003, including many visits to Finland. Through his lyrics Jhikoman speaks for the voiceless and carries a power beyond bullets. His music promises, not only to move your feet, but also positively stir your mind and soul. Jhikoman albums: “Chikondi” 2005 ; “Tupendane” 2008 and “Yapo 2009” are available online through iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.

Liput: Pääsy vierailumaksulla 3 euroa. Vuosikortilla, Helsinki Cardilla, Museokortilla ja Töölön seurakunnan jäsenille ilman lisämaksua. / Entrance fee 3 euros. Free entrance with annual card, Helsinkicard, Museum card and for members of Töölö parish.