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Oulunkylän kirkko

Oulunkylä church

03.04.2017, 16:13
The unpretentious multipurpose church of Oulunkylä, completed in 1972, has a controversial altar sculpture which depicts the capture of Jesus in Gethsemane.

Planning a church for Oulunkylä took over fifty years. The monumental proposal, Kivialttari (Stone altar), by architects, Viljo Rewell and Heikki Castrén, which won the 1964 design contest, was rejected, and an unassuming multipurpose church was built by Teinintie in 1972. It was designed by Heikki Castrén.

The new church replaced the temporary old wooden church of Oulunkylä. It is faced with brown brick, shaped as a rectangular prism, and has a flat roof. The square motif is repeated everywhere in the church. Skylights provide light in the church and upstairs.

The pine altar sculpture, Minä se olen (It is I), by sculptor, Raimo Heino, from 1972 caused much discussion. The theme of the sculpture is the capture of Jesus in Gethsemane. The communion requisites are by designer and sculptor, Tapio Wirkkala; the copper and linen altar textiles by textile artist, Lea Thil-Junnila.

In the music room can be found the artwork, Lasinen meri (Sea of glass), by sculptor, Risto Salonen; in the upstairs lobby, the relief, Ahdas portti (Narrow gate) by sculptor, Marjatta Weckström; on the staircase, the oil painting, Ylösnousemus (Resurrection), by artist and sprinter, Erkki Koponen; and in the parish meeting hall, the works Myötätunto (Compassion), by sculptor and artist, Airka Salosmaa, and Äiti (Mother), painted on raw silk with natural dyes by interior designer, Iisa Tuuliluoto.

The church organ was designed by Matti Rindell, the church organist at the time, and built by the Kangasala organ factory. It has 32 stops. There are three church bells, which were made in Germany. There is also a cembalo and a Steinway & Sons concert grand piano in the church.

The Oulunkylä church is used by the Oulunkylä parish.

Celebrations at the church

Members of the church can organise a baptism, a wedding or a funeral free of charge in the church.

The church seats 250. When necessary, 80–150 more seats can be accommodated from the parish meeting hall located behind the movable partition. The parish meeting hall seats 80 at tables. The kitchen and the 80-piece tableware set are at the disposal of the party organiser.