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Malminkartanon kappeli

Malminkartano Chapel

28.10.2021, 15:46
Malminkartano Chapel was originally an education and examination office building belonging to the University of Helsinki. It was designed by Professor Jussi Paatela and was completed in 1943. Bishop Irja Askola blessed the use of the Malminkartano Chapel by Kannelmäki parish on January 24, 2014.
Kannelmäki_Malminkartanon kappeli

Professor Martti Sipilä and his family were the first to move into the building. After the university moved its operations to Viikki in the 1970s, the building was transferred to the ownership of the City of Helsinki.

The City of Helsinki offered the property called Puustelli to the parish for rent in 1980. As the parish needed premises in the growing suburb of Malminkartano, a lease agreement was signed, and the building was renovated so that it was possible to organize various activities there. Housewarming parties were held in the renovated premises on January 9, 1982.

The building was in constant use from the beginning. Playgroups were arranged for children and gatherings for young adolescents and youths. The church service was held on Sundays and baptismal feasts were often held on Saturdays. Other activities include the Sunday School, the Elderly Circle, the diaconal “Helping Hands Group,” Martha’s Group, and the “Come Inside” evenings for students. Over the years, the house has also hosted evening confirmation schools, youth camps and days of silence.

The activities in the building had a sad ending when a fire that started by an electrical short circuit on New Year’s Day 1989 completely destroyed the upper floor, and fire-extinguishing water significantly damaged the other parts of the building. It was completely renovated again; appropriate fire-resisting barriers were constructed in the attic; and parish operations resumed in the 1990s.

Plans for the church

When the planning of the current residential area of Malminkartano started, there were plans to construct its own parish. From the 1980s to the present day, three different architectural design competitions have been organized for a church or chapel to be built in Malminkartano. For one reason or another, none of these winning proposals has gone beyond the drafting stage.

Good things are worth waiting for

Three decades on the temporary premises of the Malminkartano parish home provided the opportunity for the decision-makers of the Kannelmäki parish to find a final and lasting solution to the protracted issue of the Malminkartano parish.

Over the years, the parish home had become a beloved place with good activities and a homely atmosphere. Could this house still be used by the parish in the years to come? It was decided to clarify the matter.

After numerous negotiations and administrative decisions, the Helsinki Parish Union bought the property for its use from the City of Helsinki in 2013. For the first time, the building underwent major renovation based on the design by architect Heikki Pietiläinen. The floor plan was changed, and a chapel hall with seating capacity for 64 people was built in the middle of the building. The overall appearance of the house is remindful of its long-standing history, both on the outside and inside, and the original window frames, for example, have been restored by hand to comply with current regulations.


The kitchen has basic crockery for 60 people, a coffee machine, kettle, microwave, vases and candlesticks, as well as a dishwasher and stove. It is advisable to plug the coffee machine in immediately, as it takes 20 minutes to heat up. Filter coffee is used in the coffee maker. Filters are made available by the parish. However, one needs to bring their own coffee, tea, etc. Tablecloths are not included. A light switch, installed on the side of the high cabinet, supplies power to electrical appliances.