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Hyvän Paimenen kirkko

Church of the Good Shepherd

03.04.2017, 15:18
In Pakila, right on the corner of Kehätie and Tuusulanväylä, yet in its own peace, stands the Church of the Good Shepherd. A play of light and shadow filters into the church from the row of windows on the altar wall.

The church was built in Pakila in 1950. The Pienkirkkoyhdistys (Association of small churches) had collected funds for it for decades. The state expropriated a community hall, the Lepolantie property which currently functions as a youth centre, from the association. The funds received were used to acquire the church plot. The church was mostly built by volunteers.

The extension to the old church was completed in 2002. Its name, the Church of the Good Shepherd, originated from the relief which was in the old church, and now decorates the wall of the parish meeting hall. The renovation of the new and old church was designed by Juha Leiviskä, Academician.

The central building material of the new church was light. The style of the designer can also be seen in the light fixtures and vertical row of windows. The former church space became the parish meeting hall. A children's chapel also operates at the church.

Artist, Markku Pääkkönen's altar artwork, Gabrielin siipi (Gabriel's wing) throws the delicate colour from the row of windows and the display of colours reflected by the spectra into the church. The relief, Sinapinsiemen (Mustard seed), above the former main door of the church is the work of sculptor, Taisto Martiskainen. The Good Shepherd relief inherited from the altar of the old church, on display in the parish meeting hall, the so-called Shepherd's hall, is the work of sculptor, Yrjö Rosola. Textile artist, Agneta Hobin, made the altar textiles for the church, as well as the silver textured artwork in the children's chapel. There are also paintings by artist, Juri Saarikoski, in the building.

The French-style Andreas Silberman organ was made by organ builder Martti Porthan in 2003. The old instrument by organ builder Veikko Virtanen can be found in Shepherd's Hall. The bell tunes, created by composer, Tuomo Teirilä, for the seven bells of the church, vary depending on the ecclesiastical year.

The Church of the Good Shepherd is used by the Pakila parish.

Celebrations at the church

Members of the church can organise a baptism, a wedding or a funeral free of charge in the church.

The church seats 350. If the parish meeting hall is joined to it, there are 550 seats. The parish meeting hall seats 120 at the tables.

The kitchen and the 120-piece set of dishes are at the disposal of the party organiser.

Welcome to the church!