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Vuosaari church

Vuosaari church

Vuosaari parish

04.04.2017, 15:28
The Vuosaari church, completed in 1980, stands on a wooded hillock by Satamasaarentie. Nature and its seasons become an integral part of the church hall through the large west-facing windows. According to a medieval tradition, the Gospel can also be read from pictures: the concrete relief on the altar wall shows episodes from the life of Jesus. Connected to the church is also the Marielund chapel, dedicated in 2006.

The Vuosaari church and the extension work carried out in 2006 were designed by the architectural practice, Pirkko and Arvi Ilonen. Tanu Toiviainen's cross greets the visitor in the lobby. On the altar wall is a concrete relief by artist, Mauri Favén, depicting the life of Jesus. Favén's designs link the church and the work facilities, holy days and everyday. The Lord's Prayer is engraved on the windows of the parish meeting hall in several languages.

The church textiles, including the offertory bag, made of crocheted hand-spun linen, were designed by textile artist, Ritva Puotila. On the lobby wall hangs recycled art, a light fixture made of an abrasive disc the architect found in a dustbin. The organ is from the Kangasala organ factory and has 26 stops. The three bells of the church were manufactured in Austria.

In association with the Vuosaari church is found the Marielund chapel, named after the Marielund farm which used to be in place of the church and was part of the ancient Porshlahti farm. The chapel acts as the church for the Swedish Matteus parish and the ceremonial building for the Vuosaari parish. The textiles of the chapel were made by textile artist, Heli Tuori-Luutonen.

In connection with the church are the church register office, parish meeting hall, work, meeting and club facilities, and the children's own church, called Pikku majakka (Little lighthouse).

The Vuosaari church is used by the Vuosaari parish. For the first thirteen years, the parish services o were held in a temporary building called the plywood cathedral.

Celebrations at the church

Members of the church can organise a baptism, a wedding or a funeral free of charge in the church.

The church hall has excellent acoustics for concerts. The church seats 300, the larger parish meeting hall 150 and the smaller one 50. The halls can be combined. The Marielund chapel seats 60-100 people. Entrance is through the inner court and its own lobby.