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Help disadvantaged elderly through the Common Responsibility Campaign 2021

18.06.2021, 16:08 /  updated 18.06.2021, 16:12
This year the Common Responsibility Campaign supports help to the economically disadvantaged elderly in Finland and throughout the world. Could you make a contribution?
Vanha nainen kädet ohimoillaan

Poverty is surprisingly common among the elderly in Finland and around the world. The proceeds of the Common Responsibility Campaign this year will be used to support economically disadvantaged elderly in Finland and in developing countries.

One fifth of all proceeds go to emergency aid provided through domestic national partners. The Church’s Diaconal Fund allocates Common Responsibility proceeds to emergency relief activities in co-operation with local parishes. The campaign seeks to relieve the financial strain and improve the quality of life for those elderly who are in the weakest position. One of our national partners, the Church Training College, is establishing a nationwide network of adult educational institutions that will provide the elderly with free training in digital skills starting in 2022.

One fifth of the proceeds will remain with parishes for the purpose of easing the lives of the elderly on a local level.

Sixty per cent of the proceeds are channelled through the work of the Disaster Relief Fund of Finn Church Aid with the aim of facilitating a dignified life for the elderly living in the world’s disaster areas. One of our international diaconal target countries is Uganda.

More information on the Common Responsibility Campaign from here.