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St. Matthew's Parish - This Is Who We Are

29.12.2022, 13:13
St. Matthew's International Lutheran Church offers Worship Service in English language every Sunday at 2 pm in Itäkeskus near Metro Station
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Welcome to St. Matthew’s International Lutheran Church

We are an English-speaking congregation serving Christians in the Helsinki region. We have regular Worship Service with Holy Communion every Sunday at 2 pm at St. Matthew's Church (Matteuksenkirkko), our church right next to Itäkeskus Metro station in Helsinki.

Our parish is diverse coming from all around the world

‍While being part of the Lutheran Church of Finland, we warmly welcome and serve Christians of all denominations who would like to worship God in the English language. We have a varied multi-cultural parish where most who attend our services are not native English speakers and for some of us English is a second or even third language. We warmly welcome all who want to celebrate God, hear His word, learn about the Bible and meet fellow Christians as a family of God.

St. Matthew's Church offers full religious services

In our church we offer traditional religious rites and services, such as holy communion (also known as the Eucharist), diakonia work (also known church social work) and pastoral counselling. Our church performs baptisms, weddings and funerals. We have Bible study and various church activities from Kids’ Church to choir, family gatherings, movie nights, and field trips. All of our activities are in English. Come join us, you are warmly welcome!

For more information

We have our own Facebook pages where you can see photos from our congregation and the current program St. Matthew's Facebook pages

Our home page at the Helsinki Lutheran Church website is at this link: St. Matthew's home page

The Pastor of St. Matthew's Church is:

Sunday Worship

Our next regular Sunday Worship Services are on these dates:

Bible study

If you would like to join our Bible Study, we meet every Wednesday at 5:30 pm at our church. Here are the next dates for Bible Study:

Bible Study, Six Bibles in English language and a candle - Raamattupiiri, kuusi englanninkielistä Raamattua ja kynttilä