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Käpylä Church

Käpylä church

Oulunkylä parish

03.04.2017, 15:52
Completed in 1930, the Käpylä church is the purest representative of functionalism in Helsinki. In this strictly linear church, the round, shining red choir catches the eye.

The construction of Puu-Käpylä began in the 1920s. Before the church was completed ten years later, the parish activity took place in rented premises. The Käpylä parish was established in 1949 when the district was separated from the Paavali parish. The Käpylä parish became part of the Oulunkylä parish as of the beginning of 2011.

The church, completed in 1930, was designed by architect, Erkki Ilmari Sutinen. The building represents pure functionalism. The exterior is bare, austere and modest. The church itself is a strictly linear and simplified cube. A simple tower rises from the end of the entrance. The roundness of the choir is emphasised by its red colouring. The square window openings located high up create a dark, temple-like impression of space. The bright light received through them creates an efficient contrast to the shadow of the hall.

The red choir wall of the church is decorated by the paintings, Hyvä paimen (Good Shepherd) and Soihtua kantava enkeli (Angel carrying a torch), by artist and decorative painter, Bruno Tuukanen. In the upper parts of two of the church hall walls are five large biblical reliefs by sculptor, Aarre Aaltonen: Jeesus pesee opetuslasten jalat (Jesus washing the disciples’ feet), Jeesus siunaa lapsia (Jesus blessing children), Vaalenevat vainiot (Ripening fields), Ehtoollisen asettaminen (Setting the communion) and Tuhlaajapojan paluu (Return of the prodigal son). On top of the pulpit is found Aaltonen's bronze angel holding a crown. The wedding rug, Yhdessä (Together), donated by the Marthas in 1969, is kept in the parish meeting hall.

The Kangasala organ factory made the organ, which has 22 stops.

A lower annexe connects to the side of the church, and in front there is a churchyard connected to the monastery gardens. The church is used by the Oulunkylä parish.

Celebrations at the church

Members of the church can organise a baptism, a wedding or a funeral free of charge in the church.

The church seats 400 and the parish meeting hall 100, or 80 at tables. The kitchen and the 80-piece set of tableware are at the disposal of the party organiser.