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University chaplains at your service

13.06.2019, 12:42

The time you are a student is often a period when major changes occur in your life. You may have moved to a new city or may be living on your own for the first time. Student life may bring new friends, new routines and new ways of learning. It can also bring up a number of new questions, for instance: Am I in the right place? Where will I find my first job in my chosen field? Will I make new friends, do I want a family of my own? How will I manage? Will I do alright? These are questions that occupy the thoughts of many students from time to time. It is important to remember, however, that you don’t have to be alone with these questions.

The church has sent chaplains to every educational unit in Helsinki, to experience everyday life and celebrations together with students and staff. The work of a university chaplain is based on an agreement with the educational institute and on a continuous, open dialogue – all according to the needs of the institute.

Confidential talks

The work of the university chaplain is, of course, based on confidentiality. Feel free to contact the chaplain when you have something on your mind and want to have a confidential talk about, for instance the pressure of your studies or relationships or loneliness, about your faith or doubts. You can talk about anything and everything with the chaplain – no subject is too big or small. University chaplains provide a safe space for everyone, regardless of faith, gender or sexual orientation.

A talk with the chaplain is absolutely confidential. Here, you will find the contact information and availability of the chaplain at your institute.

Groups and parish events

University chaplains work with various groups and societies on campus. They organise a variety of events and small groups. The events are open to everyone.

If your studies have taken you to a new address, you may live in a new parish. Do you know the name of your home parish? You will find the names of all Helsinki parishes on this website. Call us, when you want to find out about available services, events or groups, or if you want support for creating your own group or club. You are welcome to join us at all events, regardless of parish affiliation.

Church ceremonies

You can ask your chaplain to officiate at a house blessing, a christening, a wedding or a funeral.