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Whole Helsinki

Parishes serve in many languages

01.02.2023, 10:42
Our own language is the key to express our feelings and our faith. Helsinki area parishes of the Lutheran Evangelical Church serve in several languages in addition to Finnish and Swedish. Communities exist in Arabic, Chinese, English, Estonian and Russian languages. Regular Worship Service and various activities enable residents of Helsinki to meet those who share a common language or culture.

The activities at parishes in Helsinki are open to all. You can join even if you are not a member of a church. In addition to Finnish and Swedish, there are regular activities in the languages of Arabic, Chinese, English, Estonian and Russian. Every Sunday there is Worship Service and regularly scheduled Bible Studies as well as baptisms and confirmations, also arranged for adults. There is a lot of activity for families including children and teens. Various camps are quite popular.

There are a lot of immigrants living in Helsinki, some of whom do not have permanent housing or employment. The church in Helsinki provides assistance to such people who are outside the reach of regular social services provided in Finland. This work is done together with Helsinki's Deaconess Foundation (Diakonissalaitos "HDL"); Sininauhasäätiö (the Blue Ribbon Foundation); Finnish Red Cross; and the city of Helsinki and various volunteer residents of the city. For example the multi-cultural Mosaiikki has full time staff and volunteers who assist people from many language groups. They are assisted for example in languages of Arabic, Dari, English, Finnish and Somali.‍