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Family counselling: professional therapeutic help for life crises and relationship problems

09.04.2024, 14:38
Pariskunta istuu vierekkäin sohvalla kädet puuskassa

What is family counselling? For whom is it?

It is common to experience distress in couple relationships and family constellations from time to time. Difficulties may feel hopeless, but there is help: therapy in its many forms can help untie the knots.

The Helsinki parishes’ family counselling services provide help and support by trained therapy professionals. The service is available for Helsinki residents. All appointments are free of charge, membership of the Lutheran church is not required.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if:

- your intimate relationship is troubled, e.g. because of lack of communication or infidelity

- your family relationships are strained

- you are considering a divorce or need support for coping with it

- you need help in a life crisis.

There are two different forms of help available

Consecutive family counselling appointments

Consecutive family counselling appointments with a set counsellor stretch over a longer period of time. The series of appointments enable a more in-depth understanding of the factors that affect the relationship situation. These appointments are primarily offered to families with young children and expecting parents in difficult situations. There is a queuing process for the appointments. Read more.

Book a single appointment without delay

You can book a single appointment for a family counsellor without delay. The appointment will be within two weeks. Solution-focused therapy methods will help you untie the knots in your relationship.

All problems do not require a lengthy process, a single conversation may help you move forward and offer practical ways to improve your relationship situation. This approach is suitable for those who do not feel the need to commit to a longer therapeutic process. Meetings can also take place remotely if necessary. Read more.