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Alppila church

Alppila church

04.04.2017, 16:10
The Alppila church serves the densely populated area next to the Linnanmäki amusement park. The versatile parish centre was completed in 1957. There are also regular church services in Estonian and Hungarian.

Matching the post-war ecclesiastical vision of the work, the original name of the Alppila church was the Kotkankatu Parish Work Centre. The building, which dates back to 1957, was designed by architects, Keijo Ström and Olavi Tuomisto. There is a sheltered courtyard in the middle of the building.

Especially in the early days, it was difficult to perceive the building as a church. In her book, Viertotietä itään ja länteen (East and West along Viertotie), Kaija Hackzell recounts that passers-by sometimes mistook the church for a cinema, or stopped by the church register office as if it was the Neuman sausage factory, which was also located on the same street, Kotkankatu.

In addition to the church itself, the church building houses a parish meeting hall, which can be opened to the church space by lowering the 18-tonne concrete wall. The parish centre also includes a chapel for ceremonies, a vicar's office and confirmation school hall, as well as versatile sports and club facilities. There are also eight flats associated with the church building.

The sentence, "Juoskoon täällä elävän veden virta sielujen virvoitukseksi" (Let the living water flow to restore the souls) is carved on the foundation stone of the church. A large work by artist Veikko Vianoja, Kristus arkisen aherruksen keskellä (Christ amidst everyday toil), can be found in the chapel foyer. The parish meeting hall houses the work, Ristinkukka (Cross Flower), by the artist, Juhani Linnovaara, and Pääsiäisaamu (Easter Morning), by the late cantor, Matti Kostia, is on display in the foyer of the parish meeting hall. The heavy church silver was designed by Academician Bertel Gardberg, and the textiles by Hilkka Vuorinen and Eila Annikki Vesimaa.

The church-goer is greeted in the lobby by the words, ”Palvelkaa Herraa ilolla, tulkaa hänen kasvojensa eteen riemulla” (Serve the LORD with gladness; Come before Him with joyful singing) (Ps 100:3). The brick relief on the altar wall symbolises the cross on the rock of Golgotha and the empty tomb at its foot. The altar wall also has three icons, which depict the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus. The altar has donations from twin parishes: an altar cloth from the Hungarian parish of Csepel, and a paten from the Romanian parish of Bácsfalu.

There are three church bells and each of them has their own, cast motto: "Kunnia olkoon Jumalalle korkeuksissa" (Glory to God in the highest), "Kaikki maa kumartakoon Sinua" (All the earth will worship You), and "Herra antaa sanoman" (The Lord gave the word). The bells play seven different tunes. The 26-stop organ was built by the Kangasala organ factory in 1958. Its mechanic electro-pneumatic structure is unique in Finland.

As of 2011, the Alppila church belongs to the Kallio Parish. At the same time the renovation of the church was completed.

Celebrations at the church

Members of the church can organise a baptism, a wedding or a funeral free of charge in the church.

The church seats 500. When necessary, a parish meeting hall for 200 people can be separated off by raising the concrete wall.