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Koko Helsinki

Empowerment coaching group

26.11.2019, 13:49
Come an join us, meet new people and enjoy new experiences.
Kupade händer håller i en hög jord och en kvist med två små blad

The english speaking group meets once a week on Tuesdays at 16.30–18. We meet ten times between 14.1 and 17.3.2020 at Bulevardi 16 B (inner court).

In the group we focus on resources in a positive way of meeting various challenges and difficult situations. Empowerment coaching uses peer support within a group setting: conversations within the group can help you to find new approaches and insights into your own situation. We take max. 10 people. Please registrate yourself before 9.1.2020 by textmessage to Nenne Lappalainen 050 469 8127 or Satu Ahonen 050 5691126 by telling your name and phone number.