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Helsinki Cathedral tower is open in virtual reality

Cathedral parish

15.05.2019, 16:50

The view from the top of Helsinki Cathedral is spectacular. Many tourists to Helsinki as well as people living in the vicinity would be thrilled to see it, but the steps up to the top of the cupola are too narrow and difficult to allow for tours. Now it is possible to take a virtual reality tour to the top of the Cathedral.

Visitors to Helsinki Cathedral can rent, for a small fee, a virtual reality (VR) headset, either at the Cathedral Information desk or at the Cathedral Shop in the Bell Tower (opens 27th May). Using the VR headset appears to transport you to the top of the cupola where you can marvel at the view in all directions. The VR experience also offers information about the Cathedral and the statues of the 12 Apostles that adorn the Cathedral roof. In this pilot phase of the VR experience, visitors can learn more about Helsinki Cathedral and the surrounding area in either Finnish or English.

‘We are often asked if visitors can go up the main tower of the Cathedral,’ says deputy vicar Suvi-Päivi Koski at the Helsinki Cathedral Parish. ‘Through this pilot app we can use new technologies to better serve both the people of Helsinki and its tourists. The VR experience gives visitors the opportunity to see the Church, the Apostles and the surrounding scenery from a viewpoint that is more than 80 metres above sea level.’

Helsinki Cathedral’s virtual reality experience was created using 360 videos and is accessed using Oculus Go VR headsets. The experience is suitable for adults and for children big enough to wear a VR headset.