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Food distribution and meals in Helsinki Parishes, autumn 2020

Common parish functions

01.09.2020, 16:58 /  updated 11.09.2020, 09:10
The tables are spread again in many churches in Helsinki. The first to open their doors are the Waste&Feast surplus food restaurants.

As the autumn season starts in many parishes, so also the regular common meals are being organised again. The meals are open for all people. We don't ask whether you are a church member or what your financial situation is.

We carefully observe corona restrictions and requirements in the way we organise, prepare and serve our meals, in the seating arrangements and in the number of guests that we allow in. Hand hygiene must be carefully observed. Disinfectant dispensers are available.

The rapidly changing corona situations may bring sudden changes in the way we can arrange our meals. Please, follow the latest news and advertisements.

Food distribution and meals in Helsinki Parishes, autumn 2020 (updated 27 August 2020)


Crypt of Agricola Church, Tehtaankatu 23

Diaconal meal, Tuesdays at noon (22 Sept – 8 Dec), price: 1 €

Alppila Church, Kotkankatu 2

Tuesday meal, every Tuesday 12 noon – 1 pm (starting 8 Sept), price: 2.50 €. Enquiries: nina.klemmt@evl.fi, tel. 09 2340 3634

A‍nnankulma Living Room (Olohuone), Annankatu 14D

Coffee and snacks, newspapers and magazines, time together. Voluntary fee. Devotional time every day. Due to the exceptional corona circumstances, we observe limitations in the use of our premises as long as required.

This autumn we are open 10 Sept – 9 Dec. NOTE! Opening times have changed so that

Thursdays 20 guests are allowed 11 am – 12 noon and another 20 guests 1–2 pm. (Cleaning break 12 noon – 1 pm)

Fridays 20 guests are allowed 9–10 am and another 20 guests 11 am – 12 noon. (Cleaning break 10–11 am)

On Wednesdays we start from 7 October at 11 am – 1 pm.

Enquiries: diaconal worker Eija Hoikkala, tel. 09 2340 6205 / 050 434 9779, eija.hoikkala@evl.fi‍

Hermanni Diakonia House Community Centre, Hämeentie 73

Café Hermanni: Mon–Fri 9.30 am − 1 pm, on Wednesdays open till 6 pm. Starting 1 September. Coffee and sandwiches for a small fee, porridge free. Lunch 1 € on Wed and Fri 11.30 am – 1 pm.

Surplus food distribution Mon 12 noon and Thu 11 am. Bring your own shopping bag. Also bread available during opening hours.

Jätkäsaari Chapel of Good Hope, Länsisatamankatu 26

Community meals on Mondays from 7 Sept to 14 Dec at 5–6:30 pm. (Not on 12 Oct!) Inexpensive food and great fellowship. Vegetable soup meal: 1 € for adults, minors free. Please, reserve exact change. Also surplus bread available to take away.

Due to exceptional corona circumstances we need to limit the number of guests and we observe special arrangements. Enquiries: diaconal worker Eija Hoikkala, tel. 09 2340 6205 / 050 434 9779, eija.hoikkala@evl.fi, or chaplain Hannu Varkki, tel. 050 512 1820, hannu.varkki@evl.fi.

Lauttasaari Church / temporary premises

The situation concerning Larun Olohuone (Laru Living Room) is still open due to the renovation of the church. Follow the advertisements.

Meilahti Church, Jalavatie 6 b

No meals served during the autumn of 2020. Note! For the latest information concerning the activities of Töölö Parish, check the website seurakuntatoolo.fi.

St. Paul's Church, Sammatintie 5

Friendship Café on Tuesdays 1–2:30 pm in the hall downstairs (Alasali). Meals served on 15 Sept, 13 Oct, and 10 Nov. Voluntary fee.

Surplus food distribution on Tuesdays at 12 noon. Bring your own shopping bag.

Evening meal on Wednesdays 7 Oct – 25 Nov 5–7 pm. Welcome to come around and spend some time around a good ready meal. Games and company for children, company or solitude for adults, whichever you prefer. Diaconal worker present. All food is vegan, price 1 € per serving per guest. Evening meals are open to all. Food is served until 6:30 pm, time to eat until 7 pm. If you are interested to serve as a volunteer at the evening meals, contact Birgitta Huhtaluhta, birgitta.huhtaluhta@evl.fi.

Ruskeasuo Parish Centre Rasti, Tenholantie 6

Lunch on Fridays 11 Sept – 4 Dec.

Due to the corona situation, we eat in two sittings: the first at 11:30 am – 12:15 pm, the second at 12:30–1:15 pm.

Both can accept the first 20 guests. It is not possible to reserve in advance. Food is served at the tables. Lunch is 3 € for adults and 1 € for children over 1 year. You can also buy a convenient lunch card for 5 meals at 15 €. Please, reserve exact change.

Töölön kirkko, Topeliuksenkatu 4

Waste&Feast Café Töölö on Wednesdays 2–4 pm is run by volunteers from Töölö Parish. The Waste&Feast brand communicates that Café Töölö is committed to ecological values: we utilise surplus food in our cafeteria. It is a feast to have an opportunity to spend time together.

For the latest information concerning the activities of Töölö Parish, check the website seurakuntatoolo.fi.


Huopalahti Church, Vespertie 12

Theme Thursday every Thursday at 12 noon from 3 Sept. Devotion at 12 noon, lunch at 12:30 pm, price 6 €. Programme varies according to the theme of the day.

Good Mood Oasis (Hyvän mielen keidas) every Thursday at 3 pm. Community surplus food meal, price 2 €. Devotion and bread distribution.

Malminkartano: Activity Centre Jenny, Beckerintie 9

Community meal (Take-away only) on Tuesdays 11 am – 12 noon.

Note! You need to register the week before between Wed 10 am and Fri 3 pm.

- Registration preferably by email: heini.sinkko@evl.fi; heidi.metsala@evl.fi; ulla-maija.tuura@evl.fi, or you can call Heini Sinkko, tel. 09 2340 3841 or Ulla-Maija Tuura, tel. 09 2340 3843. You can leave your registration also on a voicemail.

Note! You cannot register for more than one meal at the same time. For each week you must register the week before.

There will be more information following on whether there will be other meals organised in Kannelmäki Parish. Please, follow the advertisements.

Munkkivuori parish hall, Raumantie 3

Bistro of Hope (ToivonBistro) on Wednesdays at 1 pm (corona restrictions max. 40 guests). Surplus food lunch available on Wednesdays at 1 pm. (Due to corona restrictions max. 40 guests) Voluntary fee 1 € per meal.

Café of Hope (ToivonCafe) on Thursdays at 6:30 pm, serving donated coffee buns and bread.

Pitäjänmäki Church, Turkismiehenkuja 4

Community meal (Take-away only) on Tuesdays 11:30 am – 1 pm (until 24 Nov). Price for adults and children above 12 is 2 €, children 7–12 years old pay 1 €, preschoolers free.

Mid-day prayer and bread distribution Tuesdays 12 noon – 1 pm (until 22 Dec).

Living Room (Olkkari) open for all on Wednesdays 3–6:30 pm. Coffee at 3 pm, food at 5 pm. Price 2 € for adults. You can pop in at your convenience.


Coming soon: community meals in the area of Malmi Parish. Join us for a meal at the Jakomäki Church Court (soup kitchen), Tapuli Living Room, and Siltamäki Parish Home once a month. We will provide more information about when we start later on. Please, follow the advertisements.

Jakomäki Church, Jakomäenpolku 7

Distribution of donated bread in the court of the church on Wednesdays at 11 am.

Käpylä Church, Metsolantie 14

Evening meal on Wednesdays 9 Sept – 2 Dec at 4–5:45 pm. Vegan soup, bread and tea. Price 1 €. Playground for children. Distribution of surplus food.

Malmi Community Centre: Waste&Feast Malmi, Pekanraitti 16

Welcome to feast on a delicious lunch Mon–Fri 11 am – 1 pm. Price for lunch 3 € / 6 €. You may pay 10 € to support the organisation of these meals. You can buy lunch cards that can also be used in the Waste&Feast Snellu Café in St. Matthew's Church, Turunlinnantie 3.

Distribution of donated bread on Thursdays at 11 am.

Oulunkylä Church, Teinintie 10

Monday porridge 7 Sept – 30 Nov at 9 am – 12 noon. Meeting place for people of all ages. We offer porridge, bread, coffee and tea. Distribution of surplus food. Voluntary fee of 1 € to support our diaconal work.

Multicultural community restaurant Salaam on Thursdays 10 Sept – 3 Dec at 12 noon – 3 pm. Lunch, the proceeds of which go to support the work of FinnChurchAid in catastrophe areas. Voluntary fee 1–10 €.

Pakila: Good Shepherd Church , Palosuontie 1

Kippo & Kulho lunch on Wednesdays 11 am – 1 pm (23 Sept – 2 Dec). Price 3 € / 6 € per person.

Pihlajamäki Church, Liusketie 1

Distribution of donated bread on Tuesdays at 9 am.

Lunch time: Thursdays at 12 noon, price 2 €, starting 10 September.

Tapuli Parish Home, Maatullinkuja 4

Distribution of donated bread on Mondays at 11 am.


Itäkeskus: St. Matthew's Community Centre, Turunlinnantie 3

Welcome to feast on a delicious lunch at Waste&Feast Snellu Café Mon–Fri 11 am – 1 pm.Price 3 € / 6 €. You can support the organisation of Waste&Feast by paying 10 € for your meal. Coffee available until 3 pm. We also sell lunch cards.

Kontula: St. Michael's Church, Emännänpolku 1

Lunch for people of small means on Mondays 7 Sept – 23 Nov at 11 am. We offer lunch prepared by our volunteers, sandwiches and dessert coffee for 1 € as well as donated bread to take home. Opening devotion 11 am. Enquiries: susanna.salonen@evl.fi, tel. 09 2340 4842.

Laajasalo Church, Reposalmentie 13

Evening meal: We will announce later when we start. Please, follow the advertisements.

Myllypuro Church, Myllynsiipi 10

Evening meal on Thursdays 4–5:30 pm (3 Sept – 10 Dec, except 15 Oct). Price 2 € for adults, 1 € for children. There will be programme for children 4:45–5:30 with music and handicraft, led by Elisabeth Bäckman. You need not register beforehand. Enquiries: Deacon Pilvi Juvonen, tel. 050 347 8582, pilvi.juvonen@evl.fi.

Roihuvuori Church, Tulisuontie 2

Porridge Café on Mondays starting 31 Aug at 10 am. Free morning porridge, short opening devotion.

Evening meal: We will announce later when we start. Please, follow the advertisements.

Soup Church on Tuesdays 29 Sept, 27 Oct and 24 Nov at 1 pm. Short communion service and free soup lunch.

Vartiokylä Church, Kiviportintie 5

Soup Church on Tuesdays 22 Sept, 27 Oct and 24 Nov at 12 noon. Free soup lunch, starting with a short devotion.

Evening meal: We will announce later when we start. Please, follow the advertisements.

Vuosaari Church, Satamasaarentie 7

Lunch on Thursdays at 11 am, starting 17 Sept. Voluntary fee 2 €. Warm food and company, lunch devotion.

Myllypuro grocery distribution, Jauhokuja 3

At the end of Liikuntamylly, Mon, Wed, and Fri 11 am – 1 pm: distribution of groceries donated by the shops. Organised by Herttoniemi Parish and Myllypuron elintarvikeapu ry.

Note! Times and other information may change due to changing corona restrictions.

See also: ruoka-apu.fi.